Road Or Mountain Bike Helmet – Which One Do You Choose?

Whether you are riding a road bike or a mountain bike, then you definitely need to wear a helmet for security purposes. A fantastic helmet can protect your mind from the sun and from any accidents.

But even that rule has been scraped now. For safety purposes, all racing events (mountain and road bicycles alike) should take place with helmets – no exceptions. If a driver is found with no helmet, he or she will be disqualified.

Do you still should wear a mountain bike helmet reviews? Common sense informs us that the helmet will help safeguard our head in the event of an crash. Still, many riders take this issue lightly and fail to put on helmets while riding.


On a road bike, the bicycle is traveling in a higher rate. During downhill descents, rate reach up to 100 kph. That is as fast as a motor vehicle! A crash can lead to serious injuries or in the worst case scenario, may even be deadly. There are so many riders blogging about their crashes, and most were simply glad that they had their helmets on if they crashed. They kept their broken helmets as souvenirs. They can show off their “scars” for their friends.

You will shocked when you see those pictures of the helmets because in most cases, the back of the helmet cracked. That means if you are not wearing a helmet, your head will absorb the entire force of this impact. And any powerful impact to the rear of the mind can only spell disaster. Therefore don’t take this lightly, wear your helmet when you ride.

If you do not have one, how can you select a good helmet? Most helmets are analyzed in labs to be able to cushion a solid impact during an accident. But, better quality helmets offer more comfort and decrease drag.

If you ride a road bike, stick to a street bike helmet. Road helmets are built more aerodynamically to decrease wind resistance. The frontal area of the helmet is more pointed so that wind travels smoothly to the back of the head. Besides, you will look better in a road helmet.

But if you already have a mountain bike helmet, you might only want to use the same helmet, particularly if you’re into leisure riding. Unless, of course, your mountain bike helmet is a full face helmet. Then you need to get something else. You certainly don’t wish to wear a full face helmet when riding a road bike. A full face helmet can prevent injuries to the surface whenever you’re riding in tough terrain on a mountain bicycle.


Finding The Right Mountain Bike Helmet

But having the right helmet for the discipline of course riding is equally as important as riding on the right kind of bike. There are many different kinds of bicycle helmets out on the market so it’s easy to find one that seems good. Being that there are a lot of different types of helmets on the market, you should get one that not only seems goods but is also suited for your kind of riding. When looking for a helmet for mountain biking, there are a few distinct things that you ought to ask yourself.

Can I ride a Downhill bicycle or perform tricks and desire a full-face helmet? Can I ride in areas which don’t offer a whole lot of shade and choose a helmet that has a visor? Can be a helmet with a great deal of vents a top priority of mine? What about a helmet that will secure my noggin while at precisely the same time not leave my bank account bone dry?!


Each one the above mentioned questions stated are very vital to consider and it is easy to get a helmet on the grounds of these queries. The adrenaline junkie who prefers to start their day at the top of an incline and cruise while obtaining air over drop offs and other various terrain could benefit the most from a full-face helmet. When most helmets protect only the top portion of your head, a full-face helmet is exactly what it says it is. This type of helmet covers your entire mind and contains a part that comes out before your face together with an adjustable visor for those sunny days. The shell from such a protection is made from high impact, fiberglass and some high end models are made from carbon fiber. A removable and washable liner together with cheek pads provide lots of cushioning and cool designs on the exterior of these helmets add style.

For those of us who would rather ride the paths than be a roadie, also want a helmet that is specifically for mountain biking then we’re in luck! If there are times where you don’t need to ride with the visor, in that case, a lot of visors can be removed and then snapped back into place. Just about every single helmet out there has plenty of vents in it to supply your with enough comfort for those humid days. The main reason for having a helmet with a great deal of vents is to provide maximum air flow between your mind and your helmet. Also being that nearly all heat is missing though your head, you would like something which can help release that heat as effectively as possible. It is very easy to find a helmet which has plenty of vents and there most all kinds of helmets are designed to accomplish this.


Most of us including myself enjoy purchasing the most expensive bike equipment on the market. Whether it’s a top end bicycle, wheel set, pedals, shoes and the list goes on. But do not feel you need to get trapped into thinking that if you’ve got the most expensive equipment on the market, you will perform better. (even though that would be fine!) Bike helmets vary anywhere in price from $100 to over $400 for the most top of the line models. All helmets meet the same basic criteria but owning a very low end model will still protect you in case of a crash.

Be certain that you have your helmet and that it fits correctly. If the strap is too tight, it will be too tough to start out your mouth. However on the other hand, if your helmet is on overly loose, and you fall and hit your head on the ground, your helmet wont be in the ideal place in the point of effect. Therefore having your helmet on too loose could be defeating the purpose of wearing a helmet.


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